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On a daily basis, mold spores float in and out of your home or business, settling on surfaces and collecting in corners. In most circumstances, these mold spores are largely harmless, drifting sporadically in low concentrations throughout most indoor environments. However, if these spores come into contact with an environment conducive to mold growth, your building will be susceptible to the beginnings of an infestation. For infestations affecting the health and functionality of your building, ServiceMaster by Wallace provides professional mold mitigation in Jackson, Hattiesurg, and Brookhaven, MS.

Mold is a common air contaminant in homes and businesses alike; it poses several threats regarding the health of those exposed and the structural integrity of your building. Colonies can take root in most conditions, needing only moisture, controlled temperatures, and organic materials to thrive. Because most indoor environments offer these necessities, mold can thrive almost anywhere in your building.

Within 48 hours of settling, mold spores can develop into full colonies and release contaminants called mycotoxins into your indoor air. For those exposed, these toxins promote symptoms including aggravated asthma, coughing, itchy eyes, headaches, sinus problems, trouble breathing, and skin reactions.

Mold can also affect your building, damaging both the cosmetics and structural quality of your home or business. Infestations can compromise your foundation, drywall, gutters, furnishings, flooring, roof, HVAC system, and more.

Our mold mitigation technicians are fully trained and equipped to remediate mold infestations in all affected spaces of your home or business. The mitigation process will always include a thorough enactment of the following:

  • Full building inspection and assessment
  • Mapping of systematic mitigation plan
  • Neutralization and removal of all mold growths
  • Removal of excess moisture
  • Neutralization of sources of excess moisture
  • Full building dehydration and sanitization
  • Cleaning of HVAC and ventilation filters
  • Air quality assessment
  • Comprehensive follow up inspection

The majority of mold mitigation cases we tackle are involved with water damage cleanup and other situations where flooding or excessive moisture has affected a building. However, there are also certain times where natural mold growth has spread over time to significantly colonize an interior space.

Our emergency response mold mitigation teams are available 24/7/365 for all cases of mold infestations. Don’t allow mold to compromise your indoor air quality and building’s integrity. Contact ServiceMaster by Wallace for professional mold mitigation in Jackson, MS, today. Call us at (601) 823-9124 or email us at for a service request.

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